Busted Elana Bunnz GI Joey 1080p full video

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Busted Elana Bunnz GI Joey

Influencer & gym queen Elana is doing her thing when she notices Joey ogling her throughout her workout. Using her phone to film herself, Elana repeatedly catches Joey staring at her assets – but instead of being upset, she is turned on by this gym-rat GigaChad! This escalates to sneaky sex in the locker room as Joey tries to prove that dude-bros aren’t the only thirsty people at gyms!

Busted Elana Bunnz GI Joey
Busted Elana Bunnz GI Joey

With her chill beachy vibes, it’s obvious blonde MILF Elana Bunnz belongs by the ocean. Even when she’s not out on her board or relaxing on the sand, she’s always ready to get wet at a moment’s notice! Elana’s big tits look as good in a bikini as in nothing at all, and when she’s not on set or on the beach, you can look for her dancing at a music festival showing off her moves.

Don’t let his cut exterior or even his past as an army vet and MMA champ fool you: GI Joey is definitely a lover, not a fighter! This tall, hung hunk is all about sensuality, eye contact, and connection, and his ultimate fantasy is showing love to four beautiful babes at once. But of course, Joey’s got what it takes to deliver a hard pussy pounding too! Watch Joey bring some sensuality to his scenes right here.